Places for Area Rugs at Home

You have a daunting task ahead of you, your house needs a makeover and are armed with new ringtoneswalls, new upholstery for sofas, color-coordinated cushion covers and a huge long list of things to do.

And one of thethings that most concern is a new carpet. You have a million questions running through your mind on the design,color, fabrics and shapes.

And the big question is where to put a carpet in your home?Let the work area by area around the house to see where the rug would be more appropriate.

• The dining area, if this is where you entertain your guests and spend a good amount of time, then your carpet should be in the center as a focal point. A coffee table or a dining table could be placed on it and chairs around and have a perfectcreation. On the other hand, you could have spread a large carpet in the room, leaving 6 inches of all edges.

Placedining or coffee table in the center of the area rug and chairs around. In this configuration, you must decide in advance whether your furniture will be out of the carpet or on it. Your guests will not have to walk dangerously on the edge of the carpet and not chairs must be out of balance when sitting.

• The bedroom: Think of this area carefully. You could have a large rug, but most could be lost under your bed.Alternatively, carpets can have three different average size, one on each side of the bed and another foot. Colorcoordinate or mix and match, just make sure there is some similarity between their bedding and carpets.

• Corridors: Keep the dark colors or a busy area rug designed here. Many more people will walk through this area. Above all, the corridor is covered by an area rug, but that makes it easy to walk. The hallway leading to other rooms or a ladder in some cases. One can contrast the color of the carpet aisle to the other areas.

• Bathrooms: need to have carpets that are absorbing water here. The last thing we want is the marks of moisture in thebedroom carpet.

• The children’s rooms: You really can have fun while working on this case. There are 2 different things you can do here.

The carpet could be consistent with the character of the child’s favorite cartoon or action hero, so they appreciate the carpetand are careful not to soil. The other approach would be to have a low cost, natural fiber rug can be cleaned ease – a child is a child. Another fun thing you could do is have a carpet placed in a safe corner that marks the area as the playing area or
area of study or area where it is allowed no food or drink – rules are rules.

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